About us

Eltenderete is a very personal project. It was born as a response to the need to create original, eye-catching and limited edition accessories. In this entrepreneurial venture two people are involved: Jairo and Carlota, the two partners who form Eltenderete. 

All the creative side of the project rests on Carlota. She designs and manufactures the pieces. She has always loved crafts products, to create, to design, to draw, to experiment with new materials, to customize… as time goes by her drawings are featuring more prominently on her pieces. 

Eltenderete mostly designs handcrafted costume jewelry made with Polymer Clay, commonly known as Fimo, as the raw material. Fimo is just the name of a trade mark as others like Kato Polyclay, Pardo, Premo, etc. 

Carlota has been working with this material for a quite few years now. At the beginning she was totally self-taught, but when professional reasons led her to Barcelona, where she started to meet people of the Polymer Clay World. She became member of the Spanish Association of Polymer Clay (APE) and she started to take training courses given by national and international artists, what made his work became more professional and also more personal. 

Furthermore, she has been associated with the fashion world for quite a few years and that’s the reason she tries to keep her designs updated in terms of colors, forms… In short, to be in line with the current trends. 

For a few months now, Eltenderete has moved to Santander. This is the city from where they want to let everyone know about them and show the World their capabilities. 

And why the name Eltenderete? Because just the fact of pronouncing it, puts a smile on your face. And that’s what they wish: make your happy…

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